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Finding Comfortable and Supportive Bras

Do you have trouble finding comfortable and supportive bras? You may be the problem! Women can be very picky about their clothing, yet they choose an uncomfortable and non-supportive bra. Women complain more about their bras than any other piece of clothing. They complain that their bra presses on their breasts, hurts their shoulders and shoulders, causes rashes, rides up the back, causes back fat, etc…

The problem is that today’s woman does not understand bras. Most women have no idea how a bra is supposed to work. Bras work from the bottom up, not top down. The main support comes from the bra band. The band running around the bottom of the breasts is designed to lift up the breasts and support them. You should not hoist up your breasts with the bra straps. This will cause unnecessary shoulder, neck, and back pain. The rule is that most of the support comes from underneath not on top. To make sure that you have a good supportive band, do the two finger test. Choose a bra where you can place two fingers at the back of the bra with a tight fit. If you get a good supportive bra band, you are more than half way there.

Another issue that woman do not think about is band placement. We all know the front of the bra from the back; however, we forget about bra position. Your band should be positioned around the bottom edge of your breasts and level with your chest. Do not yank the straps up! Do not position the bra on top of your breast tissue! The band needs to stay in place, without riding up the back, and just below the bottom part of your breasts. It should be a tight fit without leaving marks.

A third common area is the position of the cups and underwire. The cups need to fully encase the breasts without frontal or side spillage. The wire should surround the breasts and be positioned on the hard side of the rib cage, even on the sides. The cups should lay smooth without dimples, gaps, or puckering. If the bra flairs out or digs into the armpit, you will get some underarm chaffing. Pay attention to the fit of the cups and your underarms will be happy.

Do not rush when trying on a bra! Lean forward and slowly position your breasts in the bra cups. Check to see that they completely encompass the breasts. Check to see if the breasts are positioned midway between the shoulders and elbows. Check to see if the band is level. The fit should be comfortable, supportive, smooth, and firm.

Choosing the correct bra takes time. You need to take time to get a professional measurement or at least measure yourself at least every six months. Bodies do change and you need to change your bras accordingly. Taking time to get fitted will give you an approximate idea of your size. Once you have a general idea of your size, you need to grab a few different brands and styles. Then, take the time to look in the mirror and see the fit. Does the support go from bottom up? Does the bra lay level? Does the bra encompass the breasts?

Be the solution to your perfect fit bra! Understand your bras and their fit. With just a little bit of knowledge, you are going to have happier girls and a healthier you. Take the time, get fitted, look in the mirror, and shop. Stop complaining about those uncomfortable bras and start taking action. It is up to you to find comfortable and supportive bras.
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