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Prevent Sagging Boobs

Saggy Boobs! Is It Inevitable? The Why and the Ways You Can Help Your Boobs Stay Young!

Are you boobs losing their perkiness? Is gravity your enemy? Do your breasts point south? Are you aging gracefully? How are your genetics? Does your mother sag? What can you do? Unless you are a flat chested woman, you will eventually sag. Enjoy your perkiness while you have it! Let your boobies stand at attention! Learn why you sag and how to prolong your perkiness.

Why the sag? Breasts do not have muscles. They have ligaments, connective tissue, fat, and of course outside skin. Gravity pulls down the ligaments and skin can stretch which leads to sagging. Heavy breasts create a more gravitational pull creating more dropping. Gaining and losing weight helps some breast fat disappear; however, skin and ligaments do not retract accordingly which leads to sagging. With normal aging, we loose elasticity of ligaments and skin; therefore, our girls go south. With normal aging, we also have increased softening of breast tissue which lead to breast sag. Pregnancy also helps increase our chances of sagging earlier. Our boobs get heavier, creating more gravity and lose of elasticity. More pregnancies increase the chances of boob droopiness. Plus after weaning a baby, milk-making systems in the breasts shrink because they are not needed anymore. This creates more sag.

What can we do to stay perky? Face it, there is not a lot we can do to prevent sagginess; however, we can prolong our youthful boobies. Diet is a plus. Try to maintain your weight. If you gain and lose weight, you start to droop quicker. You can also help your skin keep it's elasticity through proper diet. Vitamin C, Omega 3 oil, and Flax oil do wonders for skin elasticity. Do not smoke! Smoking takes away from skin elasticity. Maintain your exercise throughout your life in order to prevent a yo-yo weight effect.

Plastic surgery and botox can do a short term fix. Short breast lift will prevent sagging in the short term. With surgery, there are always health risks. Botox, short for Botulinum toxin, can be injected into pectoral muscles. It raises the breasts by forcing the shoulders back and improving posture. It does not have the dangers of surgery but the long term side effects are unknown because it is poisonous in high doses.

The easiest way and best way to prolong the sagging is with a bra. A good supportive bra is a must. Wearing a bra counters the gravitational effect. Bras hold the breast tissue and ligaments in place. The band and the straps provide the support needed to keep some breast weight from pulling downward. It is especially important to wear a good fit bra for big busted women. Big boobs create more weight on the breast tissue and ligaments. A supportive bra prevents those girls from pulling and jiggling. Sports bras are a must for high-impact activities. A proper sports bra can prevent the ligaments from stretching out during high impact activities. Bras are your friend. They will help delay the inevitable droop (flat-chested excluded). Make sure they fit well and provide the support needed for the activities you are engaged in.

Some people ask about wearing a bra when you sleep to prevent sagging. There are opposing views on this theory. Some believe that the bra industry invented this ideas to sell more bras. Several models wear bras in the sleep. They believe it will help preserve shape and perkiness. Most scientists believe it makes no difference whether you wear a bra to bed or not in regards to sagging. When you sleep, you are not moving very much and there is less gravitational pull. Many say to go braless when you sleep to allow for circulation and easy breathing. If you decide to wear a bra when you sleep, at least wear a soft cup bra. Any idea to prevent sagging is worth a try.

Sagging is a fact of life for almost all women at some point during their lives. Pregnancy, weight fluctuations, genetics, breast size, improper fitting bras, diet, and the softening of breast ligaments and the loss of breast tissue with age are some of the main reasons. You can choose to accept your droopy breasts along with wrinkles and gray hair or you can fight. You can do steps to preserve your perkiness. These steps include wearing proper fitting bras, maintaining your weight, trying supplements, and possibly using the help of a doctor. Let your boobs stay young as long as possible. Let them stand up for you. Put off the saggy boobs for as long as possible.
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