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Proper Bra Support

If you are a plus size woman, you definitely need proper bra support. Face it, breast can be very heavy. D-cup breasts weigh between 15 and 23 pounds. That’s a lot of weight to carry around.

Why are breasts so heavy? Although they are composed of 15-25 lobes and milk glands, they are mostly composed of fat. Breasts have no muscle. The only support system is the skin and the Cooper’s ligaments. They are connective tissue attached to the dermis of the skin. Unfortunately, they are easily damaged and lose strength, elasticity, and tension over time. What can we do? We need to wear a quality bra.

“Making a bra is like building a bridge”, Manette Scheininger of Maidenform. It takes around 26 steps to build a quality bra. Breast support is still a mystery to a lot of scientists; however, they are coming out with new studies all the time. First of all, you need a proper fit bra. Get yourself fitted! When selecting a bra, realize that the most of the support comes from the band and the cups.

Bra Band
The band distributes the weight of the breasts into the lower back making a secure platform to handle the breast weight. To ensure proper distribution, the band/band size should be tight enough to remain at an even level around the front and back of your body. If you are a large cup size, a 3 or 4 hook and eye closure is best. A full band style offers the most support. It has a continuous band that extends around your body with the bra cups set into it. A partial band style has the band attached to the sides of the cups. It has a center gore piece or a front closure hook separating them. The bra band is best when it is lined.

Bra Cups
The bra cups cradle and hold these fatty breast. Encapsulation bras (separate pockets that completely contain each breast) are best. They uplift the breasts. Molded encapsulation bras provide extra support to lift the breasts. Side slings in the cups, help as well. Compression bras squash the breasts. They are less comfortable and do not uplift; however, they reduce the breast movement. There are bras that are a combination of encapsulation and compression. They squash the breast tissue but have separate pockets to contain the breasts. When deciding on cup size, remember that your breasts should fill up the cups without spillage or bulging at the sides or bottom.

Bra Fabric
Fabric is important to bra fit. As stated earlier, molded fabric helps with cup support. Cups can be made of one, two or three lined or unlined sections. Double or triple layering is best. Lace cups are often lined with sheer tricot to add stability and reduce scratchiness. Stretch fabrics can be helpful for support of women that have uneven sized breasts. A little bit of stretch fabric helps prevent the cups from moving.

Wire or No Wire?
For maximum support, an underwire bra is best. Underwires are stiff wires inserted into the bra just under the cups. These wires shape and hold the cup. They provide a firm base for the fabric and help the straps reduce the downward pull of the breasts. One problem in regards to the underwire bra is poking, leaving of red marks, and digging in of wires. Make sure that the bra fits. Do not have the breasts sit directly on the wires. They should be offset by 5mm.

Bra Straps
Straps should be rigid with a small amount of give. You should not be able to fit more that 2 fingers in the straps. Straps are not the main support of bras but they do help combat the downward pull of the breasts. Wider straps are preferable to smaller straps. Make sure that the straps are not fully supporting the breasts. If they are doing the majority of the breast support, you are wearing the wrong size. The main support comes from the band and the cup.

Breasts are heavy. They need to be supported. A quality supportive bra has proper band and cup support. Thick bra straps can help, too. Pay attention to the fit, fabric, and design of the bra. A good bra distributes its support to the lower back. A good bra helps keep your Cooper’s ligaments intact, supports the downward weight of your breasts, keeps your boobs from sagging, and helps prevent back pain. Good supportive bras are a must for the plus size woman. Get yourself fitted or grab a soft measuring tape and follow the fitting directions on our site or drop us a line if you have any questions. A good fit and a great bra will keep your spirits and your girls uplifted for a long time.
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